• photo: Vivienne Balla
  • photo: Vivienne Balla
  • photo: Vivienne Balla
  • photo: Archive of Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd.

Eszter Imre

Table-wear, jewellery collection, 2011-2012

The 200 years old Herend porcelain is a true Hungaricum. The hand-painted ornaments used to lay a festive table have been transformed in Eszter Imre’s interpretation into real jewellery. The refined details and exquisite beauty of the patented motifs and designs of Herend porcelain are used in a jewellery collection, now as decoration not for tables but for the female body. Porcelain, frequently referred to as white gold, has formed the basis of numerous contemporary design ambitions; instead of creating perfect luxury products new interpretations focus on imperfection, spontaneity and chance, replacing the festive and majestic aura associated with the brand’s hundreds of years of history. The designer of New Table-wear concentrates on “minor” details, “disjoints” the objects and uses fragments as if she was working with archaeological finds, while preserving intact the noble elegance of Herend porcelain.

Porcelain Competition of Limoges, selected participant, Limoges, France, 2012
László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant, Hungary, 2011
IF Concept Design Award, Germany, exhibited works, 2011

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