The design exhibition – as part of the Vienna Design Week 2012 – titled „Continuous present“, will be on display from Friday, 28 September till Saturday, 6 October at the inside courtyard of Stilwerk Vienna. It is the result of a cooperation between the Balassi Institute – Collegium Hungaricum Vienna, the Hungarian Design Council and the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.

The openings hours are:
Monday to Saturday: 10.00 – 19.00

Address: Stilwerk Vienna (1020 Vienna, Praterstraße 1)

The works representing contemporary Hungarian design are not only displayed as manifestations of individual achievement but also as pieces embodying the continuity of intellectual performance and creative potential. The exhibits appear in a referential relationship with the past and engage in a dialogue with former works of Hungarian design and visual culture. The designers are thus recipients of a legacy since they are consciously working with the most varied elements of our national set of memes. Past and present form an indivisible whole at the exhibition thanks to the works being so rich in local content and allusions. Emphasis is on continuity and tradition becomes the lived present.

The selection showcases the most diverse layers of our cultural memory. Reinterpreted traditions – Halas lace - Lacy Tales collection and Herend porcelain - New Table-wear jewellery are displayed alongside works drawing inspiration from Hungarian folk costumes and motifs such as the Pixelfolk collection and the Expanding Bags. Contemporary designers engage in a continuous dialogue with the record achievements of 20th-century Hungarian design history: carrying on the spiritual and intellectual legacy of the Bauhaus – László Moholy-Nagy - Helix interactive object – and engagement with the great design icons – Rubik’s Cube - Cocodice represent characteristic attitudes embraced by today’s designers. At the same time, Hungarian visual culture is also defined by the current creative responses given by the international design scene, such as (g)localism, New Craft and re-interpreted traditions.


Curators: Hungarian Design Council
Rita Mária Halasi, aesthete, member of HDC
Project manager: Office of the Hungarian Design Council
Texts: Rita Mária Halasi
Translator: Krisztina Sarkady-Hart
Installation design: Wanda Reich and Noémi Varga,
Graphic design: Balázs Balogh,


Organised and financed by the Hungarian Design Council

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