• photo: Tamás Cosovan
  • photo: Tamás Cosovan
  • photo: Tamás Cosovan
  • photo: Norbert Perness

Co&Co Design

Attila Cosován, Tamás Cosován, Gábor Hoffer, Gergely Hosszú, Richárd Nagy, Zsuzsanna Nagy, András Oravecz and Éva Sümegi: Cocodice, 2011

Logical games design in Hungary gained worldwide fame thanks to Ernő Rubik, whose Cube of 1974, became a genuine design icon and since 1981 has formed part of the permanent collection of MoMA, New York. Cocodice, which won the red dot design award and the Hungarian Design Award in 2011, is also a special logical game system designed to develop depth perception, touch as well as mathematical and combinatorial skills. As a kind of spatial dominoes game the developmental Cocodice is a set of new generation dice joined by magnetic contact. The values of each dice are not marked on the faces but are notched on the edges and the corners, making the game suitable for the visually impaired and thus providing a fine example of inclusive design.

Co&Co Design: Cocodice, 2011
red dot design award, Germany, 2011
Hungarian Design Award, Hungary, 2011

Ernő Rubik: Rubik’s Cube, 1974
Toy of the Year, Ideal Toy Corporation, Great Britain, 1980
Rubik’s cube became part of the architecture and design collection, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA, 1981