• photo: Attila F. Kovács
  • photo: Attila F. Kovács
  • photo: Vilmos Diószegi, 1952, Museum of Ethnography, Budapest

a+z Design

Attila F. Kovács and Zsuzsa Megyesi: Tekno, bench-desk for two (Gypsy Furniture Collection), 2010

Attila F. Kovács, one of the founders of the a+z Design brand is an internationally acclaimed interior architect and film production designer. Tekno forms part of the Gypsy collection, which débuted in London in 2010. The items of the collection are reinterpretations of profane folk objects that are disappearing from Hungarian culture along with the vanishing peasant lifestyle that have now been revived in new functions. Tekno is a traditional washing-trough carved by Transylvanian Gypsies that is stood on legs and lined with sheepskin to be used as a sofa for two. The two handles covered with metal function as a storage surface. The washing-trough preserves the handicraft tradition and as such serves as a fine example of New Craft; the craftsmanship manifested by the object is also confirmed by the nailed logo. The sheepskin “upholstery” is evocative of a shepherds’ cloak and is a reference to the Hungarian rural lifestyle.

Attila F. Kovács won the Kossuth Prize (the most prestigious art prize awarded by the Hungarian government), Hungary, 2000
Elledekor and Livingetc prizes, 2010/2011