The Everyday Discoveries International Design House Exhibition & Event  was a World Design Capital Signature Event that  was developed, organised and implemented in close collaboration with World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, and it  could be visited during the Helsinki Design Week. The World Design Capital is established and operated by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid).

The free-of-charge exhibition  took place in a series of indoor and outdoor showcases in central Helsinki, in Suvilahti, which is an old industrial space, refurbished for cultural activities. The exhibition and event  was coordinated and produced by Design Forum Finland, the promotion organisation for Finnish design. The concept, the themes and central installations  were created by Imu Design.

The Everyday Discoveries  consisted of the CORE exhibition, which  presented works and projects chosen for the six given themes, by all participating countries, and the country specific SATELLITE exhibitions. The exhibitions, representing Hungary  were organised by the Hungarian Design Council.

Through a series of housed exhibitions, the event was intended to be an international showcase of design from around the world, involving more than 20 participating countries. The exhibition  looked in depth at design as an instrument for communicating identity and values, and as a starting point for new economic development strategies.

The Everyday Discoveries exhibition  was open between 6th and 16th September 2012.


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